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In life we are most often evaluated by what we do—our value is determined by what we produce. What would it be like if what we produced was a product of who we truly are? That is what God’s Kingdom is supposed to look like.

The Dance

To do or to be


The greatest commandment is “to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and strength.” That can be difficult to do at times because those spaces in our lives are so cluttered. In this series, we look at how to transform those areas in our lives so we can love the Lord fully and completely.




Many people have questions about the worship part of our gatherings: “Why do we sing so much?” Why do people lift their hands? Why do we stand for so long?” In this new series, “Worship 101,” Pastor Jeff addresses these questions and more as we learn to become people who live lives of worship to God.

Singing and Silence

Standing and Bowing

Clapping and Raising Hands

Giving and Serving

Based on Acts 2:42, take a look at the three life-giving components that produce wholeness and transformation in our lives.

Celebrating what God has done, and what He is doing in and thru us!

This study of the book of Revelation will help you understand the message of the book, connect the events of the scripture to today, and encounter Jesus in a new, powerful way.

God desires to connect with and communicate with people. So how can we learn to listen for His voice?
JEsus tell us what it takes to be a good neighbor to those we live with and those we encounter.
The Sweet Spot: Being a Person full of Grace and Truth
Love is produced wherever grace and truth are integrated into our lives…