Kids’ Ministry

Our passion is to teach kids of every age in creative, fun-filled ways the Biblical truths that will stay with them for a lifetime. Hills Church is also committed to resource families to make disciples of each other. We do this in a couple of ways…

  • Kids join their parents for the singing part of the service before being dismissed to their class so that families learn to worship God together.
  • Parents are invited to be a part of the kids’ ministry team. Just as parents volunteer to help at school or coach teams, parents are asked to make an investment in their child’s spiritual development.
  • The weekly lesson is tied in with the sermon for the adults so that parents and kids can talk about what they learned.

Nursery & Preschool

Your baby / preschooler will be cared for by nurturing volunteers in a safe and clean environment while listening to Christian music while engaged in activities, toys and equipment appropriate for their age and needs.

K – 6th

We partner with you to help your child grow in his or her faith so that they would respond to the love of God. This class is filled with thought provoking lessons as well as fun-filled activities and games.


Jr High and High School students meet weekly for small groups in homes during the week. These gatherings include the application of Biblical truth to life circumstances, and learn how to share life together. They are also full of fun and laughter. Throughout the year there are social activities and special events, retreats, and camps.

Men and Women

From twentysomethings to seniors, married or single, there’s an opportunity to each person to connect and grow.

Life Groups

For a current list of groups, pick up a Journal on Sunday mornings.

Women’s Ministry | R.E.A.L. Women

Lucy and Ethel, Laverne and Shirley, Rachel and Monica are a few of popular television friendship icons. Many women desire to have relationships that these women portray. Most women have friends, but they do not have “real”ationships; other women with whom one can truly be “real” with and still feel accepted by them. The women’s ministry here at Hills encourages women to become exactly who God created them to be through real-ationships. R.E.A.L. stands for:

  • Respectful – Show respect to everyone | 1 Peter 2:17
  • Encouraging – Encourage one anther and build each other up. | 1 Thessalonians 5:11
  • Accountable – As iron sharpens iron so (woman) sharpens another. | Proverbs 27:17
  • Loving – Love deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins. | 1 Peter 4:8

These are the building blocks to authentic Christ-centered friendships. The greatest bond in a real-ationship is Jesus. Jesus desires to have a relationship with us and ultimately our goal is to be a reflection of him. As we share our lives with others, our relationship with Jesus grows deeper. R.E.A.L. Women have quarterly gatherings along with weekly Life Groups. Check the church calendar for the current activities.

Men’s Ministry

Hills’ Men’s Ministry is committed to helping men live authentic, God honoring lives. Through retreats, quarterly gatherings, and Life Groups, men are challenged, encouraged, and resourced to follow Jesus with faith and obedience. Check the church calendar for the current activities.


Life Path

LifePath describes one’s life-long journey of following Jesus. To be a disciple is to be a follower. LifePath uses the teaching model to orient people to live obediently to God’s word. And in the process, we experience God’s presence. And we learn what it is to share life with Him.

“Fresh Start” is an 8 session study in God’s Word to initiate your relationship with the Lord and understand this new way of living.
Pick up a booklet at the information booth.

“First Steps” is an 5 week orientation to this journey called “discipleship.” In First Steps you will discover how much Jesus really loves you
and how He wants to share life with you – today and everyday for eternity. It takes a look at the power of receiving God’s complete
forgiveness and the freedom the results from a life that is lived in God’s grace. You’ll learn how to overcome the shame that paralyzes
one’s life. And you’ll discover a new identity that is found not in your performance or achievements, but one that is yours now
that you are “in” Christ. Check the church calendar for the next session.